Town Hall

00:00 – Start

01:49 – Rolando Toyos take the stage

12:14 – Why are you seeking this office?

15:51 – What do you see as priority issues, second part what are your solutions to the issues? Answer

19:08 – Solution

27:11 – How do you plan on communicating with your constituents that reach out to you, and keeping constituents informed on issues relating to the district?

30:32 – Zoning – how do you handle requests from neighbors to create areas of sensitive density, and sensitive development. Also how do you plan on handling residential and commercial attempts by property owners to rezone their property?

33:49 – How do each of you view public safety?

40:20 – He mentioned issues like voting for the titan stadium, convention center, soccer stadium, and the upcoming BMS proposal. His question was how do you plan on approaching issues like those that you will face during your council term?

48:01 – How do you see our current infrastructure, and what do you plan to do about it?

51:22 – People in the public say Nashville is becoming less affordable for people making a working class wage to live, what is your attitude about that and what are your thoughts on how to deal with that issue?

55:17 – How do you intend to address the homeless issue?

1:03:52 – Closing